Current RLE Members

Ordering RLE Business cards

RLE Business Cards may only be ordered for RLE Principal Investigators and staff (sponsored research staff and support staff.) They are free of charge. To place an order please contact Sampson Wilcox, Senior Web and Media Designer.

Please note: We are no longer processing orders for students, PostDocs, research affiliates, visiting scientists/scholars or other visitors. You may order and pay for RLE business cards by visiting the vendor Ambit Press (617.876.3688 or through the Ecat system and selecting RLE from the catalog list. To use the MIT eCat system you will need a valid MIT Kerberos certificate. PLACE ECAT ORDER

The Laboratory supports the costs of producing cards for RLE PIs and staff, but the cards produced for free must follow standard RLE formats and cannot have designs or content that stray from the standard guidelines.

Cards usually take 2–3 weeks to process since they are printed off-site. You will be notified via email when your cards are ready for pickup from the RLE Headquarters main reception desk (36–413).

Ordering Paper RLE Letterhead

Custom letterhead is printed only for RLE Principal Investigators.

To order letterhead for PIs please send an email to Sampson Wilcox.

Orders take roughly 2–3 weeks to be processed. You will be notified via email when your letterhead is ready for pickup from RLE Headquarters (36–413).

Additional Stationery

RLE envelopes are available to all members of the RLE community in the Copier Room, 36–460. Unaddressed versions of envelopes are meant to provide space for your own return address or label. If you require a significant quantity of RLE envelopes for a large mailing, please anticipate this well in advance and contact Sampson Wilcox.

Generic RLE letterhead and matching blank letterhead bond is available to all members of the RLE community in the Photocopy Room, 36–460.

RLE Room Signage and Floor Directories

All RLE room signs and directories in the public corridors of RLE space are maintained centrally by RLE Headquarters. Individuals may not make changes to any room signs or inserts, but we encourage and appreciate requests for updates or corrections to ensure the accuracy of the Laboratory’s wayfinding information.

RLE room signage in buildings 36, 26 and 38 and RLE floor directories are managed by the Manager of Media and Design. If you would like to make a change to your room sign, please fill out the Sign Request form.

We also ask that you do not write on the signs or tape things to the signs. The sign insert sheets which contain the room occupant listings are covered by a plastic sheet that is costly to replace if defaced with a marker.

Usage Policy

Usage of RLE identity products, the RLE logo, RLE letterhead, and use of the MIT name are governed by Institute policies. These guidelines and requirements are summarized in section 12 of “MIT Policies and Procedures.

RLE identity products may be used only by active members of the Laboratory, or by individuals and groups specifically granted this privilege by the Director of RLE or by appropriate representatives of the Director.

Resources for PostDocs

The MIT Postdoctoral Association, a postdoc-led organization: — includes events, information about people to contact to become involved, and various tips and information for postdocs.

The Office of the Vice President for Research’s information posted at
includes an Information Guide for Postdoctoral Scholars, the schedule and registration links for professional development seminars (next: Feb 15, Feb 29, March 21); notes from past presentations, and more.

Please also see the Postdoctoral Mentoring and Advising Toolkit, which includes forms for use or adaptation by postdocs and their advisors, including an MIT statement on the postdoctoral period, an outline for an initial meeting between an advisor and postdoc, mentor plan templates, annual review forms, a training checklist, and other.

If you have colleagues who are not part of the postdoc listserv, please share this information with them, and they may sign up at: