Research group/s: Energy-Efficient Multimedia Systems Group & Integrative Neuromonitoring and Critical Care Informatics Group

Hometown, Country: San Sebastián, Puerto Rico

Academic History Prior to coming to MIT: B.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez

What brought you to MIT? The possibility of engaging in exciting, meaningful and influential research, while being part of a vibrant, diverse and passionate community.

What problem are you trying to solve with your current research and what are some possible applications? Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of dementia among the elderly, with the projected number of patients to rise drastically in the upcoming years. We are currently exploring ways to noninvasively track cognitive decline, by using a sensor platform that continuously monitors multiple biometric variables. In doing so, we are working on designing the algorithms and embedded technology to extract these physiological features.

What interests you most about your research? I feel very excited about the multidisciplinary approach of this project. I am also enthused by the prospect of building technology that considers the physiological model of a disease, while gaining an understanding of its progression.

What are your future plans?  I look forward to all the challenges this research project will provide. However, I do not have a clearly defined path after graduate school, although I am highly considering a research based career in industry.