RLE investigators Qing Hu, Marin Solijacic, and David Perreault are honorees of the 2013 Invented Here! Program. Hu, one of four featured honorees, was awarded the honor along with RLE visiting engineer, Alan Lee, for their invention – “Terahertz lasers and amplifiers based on resonant optical phonon scattering to achieve population inversion”. Hu was honored at the annual Invented Here! event hosted by the Museum of Science on September 19th.  Soljacic et. al. are 2013 Program honorees for their patent – “Wireless Energy Transfer Across Variable Distances” – and  Perreault et. al. were also named as honorees for their contribution – “Method and Apparatus for a Resonant Converter”.

The Invented Here! program aims to educate the public about New England innovators, their inventions, and the stories behind their innovations. As part of the selection criteria, the innovation must have been developed in New England or by an inventor who resides in New England, and represent a technology that can be described or demonstrated to the general public at the Museum.

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