Participants in the Leading Excellence in Administration Program gathered in recognition of their achievements in completing the 2015–2016 RLE Administrative Assistants certification program. This training program, consisting of monthly workshops, was created to support and enhance the administrative, human resources, fiscal and computer skills of the RLE’s administrative assistants. Over the course of developing this program there has been phenomenal data and feedback gathered from RLE’s PI’s expressing the value of this program. The following assistants were honored for their achievements:

Teresa Avila (Cappellaro, Kong, and Watts groups)
Janice Balzer (Englund, Freeman, and Sze groups)
Fionnuala Coary (Financial Assistant, RLE HQ)
Chadwick Collins (Daniel, Voldman, and White groups)
Susan Davco (Hagelstein, Han, Kolodzieski, and Sarpeshkar groups)
Shirley Entzminger (Mathematics Department)
Shayne Fernandes (Hu, Ram, and Wong groups)
Dorothy Fleischer (Berggren and Fujimoto groups)
Donna Gale (Kassakian, Kirtley, Leeb, and Perreault groups)
Cindy LeBlanc (Lim group)
Josephina Lee (Orlando and Shapiro groups)
Michael Lewy (Medard and Zheng groups)
Hien Nguyen (RLE HQ)
Tricia O’Donnell (Wornell group)
Read Schusky (Dresselhaus group)
Laura von Bosau (Grossman and Oppenheim groups)
Arlene Wint (Shattuck-Hufnagel group)

Workshop topics included:

DUO Login System
Outlook/Google Calendar
RLE HR Appointment Process
Dropbox-utilizing cloud storage
RLE Visiting Students Appointment Process
WebEx Video Conference
RLE Research Assistants Appointment Process
MIT Off-Campus Housing
Preparing for your Performance Review
Stress Management
eShip Global Rollout
Technology Licensing Office Overview
Setting up a Fabricated Equipment
Business Professional Writing
Needs Assessment for Admin Role
Conflict Resolution