Angel Haywood peers into an optical microscope.

On December 6, a group of three Boston middle-school students (Angel Haywood, Rachel Alexander and Besoni Cohen) and two teachers (Pete Da Silva and Bruce Gray) visited the Nanostructures Laboratory of RLE. They were from the Citizen Schools of Boston, founded by Eric Schwartz and Ned Rimer. Also present for the microscope demonstrations and presentations were Natick middle-school students Andrew Smith-Freedman and Bryson Sicotte.


Besoni Cohen (from left), Rachel Alexander, Bryson Sicotte, Andrew Smith-Freedman, and Angel Haywood with an electron microscope.

The Citizen Schools operate after-school programs for Boston middle-school children to learn skills outside the classroom. The children visited the MIT Nanostructures Laboratory in order to gain understanding of the research going on here. In addition they had prepared Power Point presentations on nanotechnology and wanted to practice their presentations with the faculty and graduate students of the Nanostructures Laboratory.


Besoni Cohen (left) and Rachel Alexander with an electron microscope.

These photographs show the students using both optical and electon microscopes, and making their Power Point presentations to the assembled staff of the Nanostructures Laboratory. The Citizen Schools are always looking for adults to teach or co-teach classes. For information please call Stephanie Davolos-Harden at 695‑2300 x 104.


from left: Professor Henry I. Smith, Citizens Schools teachers Bruce Gray and Pete Da Silva, and students Angel Haywood, Rachel Alexander, and Bryson Sicotte.


Rachel Alexander talks with NanoStructures Laboratory graduate student Dario Gil.


Teaching fellow Pete Da Silva talking with student Rachel Alexander.


Besoni Cohen shares a laugh with Professor Henry I. Smith.


Angel Haywood works with a PowerPoint presentation.