Timur M. Rvachov, Hyungmok Son, Ariel T. Sommer, Sepehr Ebadi,  Juliana J. Park, Martin W. Zwierlein, Wolfgang Ketterle, and Alan O. Jamison

doi: arXiv:1707.03925v1


We create fermionic dipolar 23Na6Li molecules in their triplet ground state from an ultracold mixture of 23Na and 6Li. Using magneto-association across a narrow Feshbach resonance followed by a two-photon STIRAP transfer to the triplet ground state, we produce 3 × 104 ground state molecules in a spin-polarized state. We observe a lifetime of 4.6 s in an isolated molecular sample, approaching the p‑wave universal rate limit. Electron spin resonance spectroscopy of the triplet state was used to determine the hyperfine structure of this previously unobserved molecular state.