RLE Investigator Profile Video Series

The RLE Investigator Profile video series explores research and education in the Laboratory today through the eyes and words of the men and women who lead RLE’s efforts to expand our understanding of nature and to apply that understanding to important human problems.

Research at RLE often involves developing innovative technological tools to reveal new insights into the physical world and its abstract models. The Laboratory seeks, on one hand, to develop basic understanding and the intellectual means to model complex phenomena and, on the other hand, to create a foundation for building new high-performance technologies which can be used to further research progress.

Interdisciplinary interaction in RLE—and the inclusion of MIT students into all facets of RLE research—characterizes both daily activities and the long-range direction of RLE research. A tension between individual focus and intergroup collaborations leads to highly specialized strengths as well as collective efforts that arise from the mutual interest of many investigators.

The objective of each RLE Investigator Profile is to share the unique perspective of each RLE investigator on this rich process.

Film Production and Editing:
Greg Hren Photography

Featured Video: The RLE Difference