The RLE Micromechanics Group investigates biological micromechanics, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), and light microscopy and computer microvision. The group has developed a new optical paradigm for semiconductor critical dimension (CD) metrology, which the group has named Synthetic Aperture Metrology (SAM). SAM combines the speed of optical methods with the microscope imaging capability of CD scanning electron microscopy (CD-SEM). Its accuracy derives from the interference of multiple coherent laser beams. Its imaging property means that it can be used to determine CDs of arbitrary structures-not just specially-designed, periodic, metrology pads, but also CDs of designed parts such as gate widths. Since it does not require moving parts or a vacuum, SAM can be fast relative to other CD metrology tools. In addition, the group continues to work on topics related to signal transmission in the auditory system, particularly middle-ear functions in human and animal hearing.


Doppler Optical Coherence Microscopy
Tectorial Membrane Traveling Waves
Measuring Shear Impedance with Microfabricated Probes
Measuring Fixed Charge Concentration with Microfabricated Planar Patch Clamp

The group is led by Professor Dennis M. Freeman

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