The Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice President and Dean for Research announced at an awards luncheon on Monday, May 21, 2001 that Ms. Mary E. Young, RLE’s Fiscal Officer, and Mr. David W. Foss, RLE’s Computer Facilities Manager, would receive MIT Infinite Miles Awards for 2001.

Of Ms. Young, the award announcement presented the following quotations:

  • Mary’s combination of intelligence, expertise, dedication and good humor reflects nothing but the highest credit on the Laboratory.”
  • All personal encounters with Ms. Young are marked by her friendly smile and her eagerness to provide the help that is asked.”
  • She not only mentors personnel within the Laboratory, she also finds the time to provide advice and counsel to financial officers outside of the Laboratory.”

Of Mr. Foss, the award announcement presented the following quotations:

  • Quite often, Dave pulls off the impossible, and in this way, serves the Laboratory and the Institute with distinction matched only by a few.”
  • He unselfishly gives his time to our organization while still obviously maintaining a working technical environment in his own lab…he goes where he is needed and stays until the job is completed to his satisfaction.”

The Infinite Miles Award program is part of MIT’s Rewards and Recognition Program.  The intent of the program is to encourage broad-based recognition for MIT employees who make exceptional contributions above and beyond their daily job functions. The program itself is meant to provide opportunities to recognize and reward members of MIT’s administrative staff, support staff, service staff, sponsored research staff, and, when appropriate, faculty.

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