Over the past several decades, semiconductor devices have scaled exponentially and the demand for clean, affordable energy has risen dramatically. However, it is becoming more and more evident that conventional materials such as Silicon are being pushed to their limits. Thus, there is an emerging need for new materials and technologies to follow in Silcon’s footsteps so we can continue fostering this growth. Our group specializes in the synthesis of two-dimensional and other novel nano-materials and their applications to real-world problems.


Graphene-BN Heterostructures
Synthesis of MX2 Monolayers
Graphene Devices with BN Dielectric
Zinc Oxide-Graphene Photovoltaics
Synthesis of Bilayers on Copper Enclosures
Graphene-Based Photodetectors
Direct Transfer of Graphene onto Flexible Substrates

The group is led by Professor Jing Kong

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