TO: All members of the RLE Community

FROM: Claude R. Canizares

DATE: August 8, 2011

SUBJECT: New Director of RLE

I am very pleased to announce that Professor Yoel Fink will serve as the next Director of Research Laboratory of Electronics, effective September 1, 2011. Yoel is Professor of Materials Science and a MacVicar Fellow. He leads the Photonic Fibers and Devices Group in RLE and has also been active in the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies and the Center for Material Science and Engineering. His research has led to entirely new class of fiber materials which function as electronic, optical or acoustic devices yet are produced using low-cost, scalable fiber manufacturing approaches. He is a co-founder of a medical device company, OmniGuide Inc., where he served as CEO during a leave of absence from MIT. He holds thirty six U.S. patents and has been recognized with numerous awards including the National Academy of Science Initiatives in Research Award. Yoel’s breadth of experience and deep devotion to RLE and MIT will serve him well in his new role. I know he will receive strong support from the entire RLE community, and I personally look forward to working with him.

I want to renew my appreciation to Erich Ippen and the members of the RLE Director Search Committee for their excellent report, and to all of you who offered thoughtful input and advice.

I also extend my sincere thanks to Jeffrey Shapiro for his outstanding tenure as Director and for his willingness to continue serving in that capacity through the summer to facilitate a smooth transition. Under Jeff’s exemplary leadership, RLE has flourished and grown to a historically high research volume. He deserves the profound thanks of the entire community for his efforts and accomplishments.

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