MIT researchers from a wide range of MIT departments, laboratories, and centers have joined together to form the new Center for Integrated Photonic Systems (CIPS).

The Center, directed by Professor Rajeev J. Ram of RLE, is focused on three goals.

First, CIPS seeks to provide leadership and direction for research and development in photonics. A core activity of CIPS is the development of a long-range vision for research and the development of integrated photonic devices and systems. CIPS will host forums and facilitate working groups with industrial consortium members to identify and discuss technology and roadmapping issues.

Second, CIPS will work too foster an Institute-wide community of researchers in the field of integrated photonics and systems. CIPS will leverage MIT’s strengths by unifying the photonics researchers in many departments and laboratories to focus on technology developments in photonics.

Finally, CIPS will integrate member companies into the MIT photonics community. CIPS will host annual meetings and seminars in photonics. For CIPS member companies, focused visits to the Institute for individual companies will be organized with faculty and graduate students. In addition, CIPS will hold forums geared towards the creation of campus-industry teams to pursue large-scale research programs. Member companies have the opportunity to guide the research of CIPS faculty and students through the Working Groups (WGs) and individual graduate student awards.

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