Professor Marin Soljacic of RLE as been been awarded the Adolph Lomb Medal of the Optical Society of America (OSA), recognizing noteworthy contributions to optics before reaching the age of thirty five. Excerpted from the OSA announcement:

Optical Society of America Honors Marin Soljacic

Marin Soljacic has been awarded the Adolph Lomb Medal by the Optical Society of America (OSA). The Lomb Medal, recognizing noteworthy contributions to optics before reaching the age of 35, goes to Soljacic for the discovery of novel soliton phenomena, and for seminal and innovative work in non-linear and time-dependent photonic crystals. Soljacic received his doctorate in 2000 from Princeton, with a thesis topic of nonlinear optics. After graduating, he joined the physics department at MIT as a Pappalardo Fellow. Upon completion of the fellowship, Soljacic became a principal research scientist and is an assistant professor of physics at MIT.

OSA awards recognize extraordinary achievements in the field of optics and photonics. Their dedication and creativity is essential to the future of our field, said Elizabeth Rogan, executive director. “Honoring your colleagues for their outstanding accomplishments supports all of our members careers. The work of these award winners will continue to influence generations to come.”

This year OSA bestowed its annual awards on fifteen recipients.

I know all of the OSA Board is honored to count these individuals among their colleagues. These award winners each have advanced the field through their initiative and deep insight. We are pleased to be able to recognize the outstanding achievements of this year’s recipients,” said OSA president Susan Houde-Walter.

OSA bestows these awards with the formal presentation ceremony taking place during the FiO Plenary on the morning of October 17, 2005 during the Society’s annual meeting, Frontiers in Optics, which this year occurs October 16–20 in Tucson, AZ. More information about the OSA awards program, previous award winners, and the annual meeting can be found on OSA’s Web site at

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