Our research group has several main areas of exploration, including ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopy, electronic-photonic integrated circuits, integrated fiber lasers at GHz repetition rate, and femtosecond frequency combs and applications. Currently the group’s main focus is on devices operating at optical C‑band range (1530–1565nm). The group has expertise in designing and testing Saturable Bragg Reflectors (SBRs); integrated GHz repetition rate mode-locked fiber lasers with femtosecond pulse-widths; single and multi-channel add-drop microring resonator filterbanks, photonic crystal microcavities, optical switches, and various advanced microphotonic systems. In addition, the group has extensive expertise in time-resolved ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopy, and its application in nonlinear optical characterization, as well as for studies of carrier dynamics in semiconductors.


GHz Repetition Rate Femtosecond Fiber Lasers
Time-Resolved Nonlinear Spectroscopy
Electronic-Photonic Integrated Circuits

The group is led by Dr. Kyung-Han Hong, Professor Erich P. Ippen, and Professor Franz X. Kaertner

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