The Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announces that Dr. Paul B. Corkum, Professor of Physics, Ottawa University and the National Research Council of Canada, will deliver the 2009 Hermann Anton Haus Lecture. The lecture will take place Monday, 27 April 2009, 4:00 PM, in the Hermann Anton Haus Room of the RLE Conference Center (Room 36–428). The lecture is open to the general public.

Professor Corkum is known for research that launched attosecond science. After studying the interaction of intense light pulses with atoms and molecules, his group he proposed how atomic and molecular gases can be used to produce attosecond pulses. In 2002 they measured the motion of hydrogen atoms in a hydrogen molecular ion with a timing precision of 200-attoseconds and a spatial precision of 0.02 Angstroms. In 2004 they demonstrated how attosecond technology can be used to image the highest occupied molecular orbital of Nitrogen. More recently they were able to strobe the attosecond motion of an electron in a hydrogen molecule almost instantaneously as the molecule breaks. Professor Corkum is a member of the Royal Societies of London and of Canada. He was the recipient of the Optical Society of America’s Charles H. Townes award and the IEEE’s Quantum electronics award in 2005. In 2006 he received the American Physical Society’s Arthur L. Schawlow Prize and Canada’s Killam Prize for physical sciences.

The Hermann Anton Haus Lecture is RLE’s visiting lecturer program designed to bring the leading world researchers in fields intersecting RLE interests to RLE to share their thoughts and perspectives with the MIT community. The lecture honors the memory of Professor Haus, and continues the process of collaborative dialog that he promoted throughout his lifetime.

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