Friday, Nov 12th at 4pm, in person in room 3–270.

Prof. Jeehwan Kim
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Principal Investigator of Research Lab of Electronics
Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Jeehwan and his team are building the next generation of electronics for a wide range of applications ranging from hardware design and biomedicine to neuromorphic computing. Together with his students and postdocs, Jeehwan advances our society’s understanding and control of two-dimensional materials enabling wafer-scale, semiconductor-industry-compatible approaches and production levels. His work emphasizes the need for stackability and flexibility of electronic materials with a focus on developing methods to obtain cheap, flexible, stackable, single-crystalline inorganic systems, which alter the landscape of semiconductor device manufacturing, power electronics, photovoltaics, bioelectronics, battery technology, and AI-driven edge computing. Jeehwan’s work efficiently combines fundamental materials design and mechanics with impactful application challenges and should be of great interest to our communities in ME and MIT. Check out more about Jeehwan’s research here: