Luqiao Liu

Luqiao  Liu

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

77 Massachusetts Avenue
Room 39-553A
Cambridge, MA 02139

Luqiao Liu joined RLE in the fall of 2015. He received his BS in physics from Peking University and his PhD in applied physics from Cornell University. He received a graduate student fellowship and the Aravind V. Subramanium T.L. Memorial Award from Cornell. Before joining MIT, Liu worked as a research staff member at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center. His research is in the field of spin electronics. In particular, he focuses on nanoscale materials and devices for spin logic, non-volatile memory, and microwave applications. Liu is also a recipient of the Patent Application Achievement Award from IBM.

Professor Liu’s research group will investigate spin-orbit interaction in solid-state materials through the spin-Hall effect or its quantum version — topological insulators, to achieve efficient spin current generation and magnetic moment switching. Since the operation of spin-orbit electronics (or, Spin Orbitronics) is realized with pure spin currents rather than charge currents, much lower power consumption compared with conventional devices should be achievable. Prof. Liu will also explore possible applications of spin orbitronic devices both as memory components and logic devices. His group will also look into the mutual interaction between electron charge and spin in various material systems such as antiferromagnets and superconductors, and evaluate the possibility of utilizing these phenomena to realize novel spin based electronics.