Melissa Sheehan

Melissa  Sheehan

Senior Manager for Financial Administration, Research Laboratory of Electronics

77 Massachusetts Avenue
Room 36-437
Cambridge, MA 02139

Melissa Sheehan has been with MIT for almost 25 years and joined the RLE Finance Team in April of 2011. Prior to coming to RLE, Melissa had worked in a variety of different roles throughout the MIT campus, including Central Travel, Payroll, (ASO) Administrative Services Organization, and the Media Lab. In her current role as a Manager of Fiscal Administration, she supervises and oversees the post-administration team, responsible for annual RLE allocation rate submission. Oversees the RLE Fiscal Officers/Financial administrators portfolio’s volume within RLE. Reviews and monitors all RLE general and endowment cost objects. She also works closely with the various offices such as VPR, RAS, OCATT, RSO, VPF, and Property Office along with many DLC across the MIT campus. Melissa received an Infinite Mile Award in 2006.


portfolio management, financial analysis and forecasting, financial review and control, quantitative analysis, sponsored programs, program budgeting, subcontracts, financial administration, policies and practices

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