Presented by the MIT Society of Physics Students and iQuISE

Friday, March 14, 2014, 1pm-4pm+*
MIT Physics Common Room, 8–329**

An event anyone with 1+ semester of
Quantum Mechanics will enjoy.

1:00pm: Quantum Mechanics Rulez, Professor Seth Lloyd

1:30pm: Supersymmetry on the Table: Looking for New Physics with an Old Method, Elizabeth Petrik, Graduate Student

2:00pm: The Coldest Stuff in the Universe: Bouncing Atoms and Spinning Nano-Traps, Adam West, Post-Doc

2:30pm: Diamonds are a Physicist’s Best Friend: Sensing Tiny Magnetic Fields with Diamond, Clarice Aiello, Graduate Student

3:00pm: Physics of Quantum Cascade Lasers, Aakash Ravi, Graduate Student

3:30pm: Quantum Logic Spectroscopy with Ions, Boerge Hemmerling, Post-Doc

*Open mic and projector for anyone interested in presenting on research or a topic of interest in Quantum Mechanics after 4pm
**There will be free food + CUPCAKES!!!