The Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) is pleased to announce that the 2014 Helen Carr Peake Research Assistantship has been awarded to Rebecca J. Mieloszyk (née Asher), a doctoral student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Mrs. Mieloszyk has won Helen Carr Peake recognition as a result of outstanding research in quantitatively analyzing capnograms and classifying patient condition on the basis of capnogram features.

Rebecca Mieloszyk’s research was nominated by RLE PI Thomas Heldt and she is working with Professor Heldt and Professor George Verghese. She investigates quantitative approaches to analyzing capnographic recordings, collaborating with Dr. Baruch Krauss, an emergency department physician at Boston Children’s Hospital. Capnography is the continuous measurement of the partial pressure of CO2 in exhaled air and is a ubiquitous patient monitoring modality in ambulances, emergency rooms, operating theatres and intensive care units. Additionally, Becky is investigating other applications of capnography, including the automated assessment of asthma severity and depth of sedation. Capnography reveals information about ventilatory status, and its continuous analysis could provide rapid, objective updates on evolving patient state. Becky hopes to expand the suite of automated monitoring modalities available to hospitals and primary care providers, and aims to develop new methods for analyzing patient data from existing monitors in order to aid clinicians in difficult decisions and improve patient care.

The Helen Carr Peake Memorial Fund was established in 2002, through a generous donation by Dr. Sheldon Pang, an alumnus of both the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) and the Eaton-Peabody Laboratory (EPL) at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. That donation and subsequent gifts by others enable the fund to recognize outstanding research in the area of bioengineering by an MIT student working in RLE or EPL.

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