The Research Laboratory of Electronics is pleased to announce that nine support staff members have successfully completed the Laboratory’s Administrative Assistant Certification Program.  This training program, consisting of monthly workshops, was created to support and enhance the administrative, human resources, fiscal and computer skills of the RLE’s administrative assistants.  The program began in summer 2012 and ended in early June 2013.  The following assistants were honored at a recent luncheon to acknowledge their achievement:

Donna Beaudry (Chan, Gallager, and Kolodziejski groups)
Dimonika Bray (Lang, Verghese, Schindall and Zahn groups)
Donna Gale (Kassakian, Kirtley, Leeb, and Perreault groups)
Cindy LeBlanc (Lim group)
Tricia O’Donnell (Wornell group)
Olga Parkin (Lu group)
Read Schusky (Dresselhaus group)
Laura von Bosau (Cappellaro, Kong, and Oppenheim groups)
Arlene Wint (Adalsteinsson, Braida, Shattuck-Hufnagel, and Stultz groups)

In order to receive the certification, the nine assistants completed nine out of twelve workshops. Workshop content was designed to keep assistants abreast of current best practices, inform them of the latest updates to MIT processes and educate them about ongoing administrative initiatives within RLE. Some of the topics covered included the following: Stellar course management, audits & compliance, performance reviews, RLE’s digital and HR processes, WordPress web management, SAP reporting and processes, fabricated accounts, and Concur travel procedures.  New workshops are being planned for fall 2013 and include such topics as communicating upwards, active listening and time management.  Questions about the program should be directed to Cathy Bourgeois, RLE’s Training Coordinator, at cmbourg@mit.edu.