wornell_smallProfessor Gregory W. Wornell will lead a significant new collaborative inter-laboratory program funded by the Hewlett-Packard — MIT Alliance in Digital Information Systems.  The program is entitled, “Advanced Concepts in Wireless Networking for Mobile Devices.”  This is one of the first projects to be supported by the HP-MIT Alliance established last year.

This multi-million dollar effort will span several MIT research laboratories and disciplinary areas, and serve as the foundation of a new MIT Center for Wireless Networking.  Professor Wornell is joined by Professor Alan V. Oppenheim of RLE, Professor Anantha Chandrakasan of RLE and the Microsystems Technology Laboratories, and Professors Muriel Medard and Robert G. Gallager of the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems.  Professor Hari Balakrishnan of the Laboratory for Computer Science will be the liaison from Project Oxygen.

Professor Wornell and his collaborators at HP and MIT will address the problem of efficient wireless networking for mobile appliance applications.  In contrast to the current generation of appliance networks, which are based largely on stitching together technology from a variety of existing systems and networks, Professor Wornell’s team expects to develop the foundation of a new generation of wireless mobile network architectures and standards by exploiting a basic research approach.

A dominant theme in this project is the notion that in contrast to traditional types of networks, wireless appliance networks can achieve enormous improvements in performance and flexibility by accommodating and efficiently exploiting interaction among the application, network, and physical layers.  This research is expected to impact everything from the design of the appliances themselves and the services they control, to the design of the network and server architecture, to the physical and link layer algorithms.

The MIT researchers will interact closely with the Hewlett-Packard Laboratories team led by Dr. Susie J. Wee.  The HP team includes Drs. John G. Apostolopoulos, Frederick L. Kitson, and Mark Smith.  Drs. Wee and Apostolopoulos are recent alumni of RLE.

HP Labs is one of the world’s great industrial research laboratories and a leader in inventing new technologies. Its focus areas include e‑services and solutions, Internet and computing platforms, printing and imaging technologies, storage technologies and intelligent information appliances, as well as broader efforts in alternative technologies and basic research

The HP-MIT Alliance funding this project is a major collaborative initiative to innovative ways to create and handle digital information. Programs supported by the HP-MIT Alliance will investigate new architectures, devices and user interfaces in information-rich environments, and explore novel services for commerce, education and personal use.

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