Open to RLE PostDocs and Principal Investigators

The Translational Fellows Program seeks to accelerate the transfer of research based knowledge into the commercial marketplace (translation). The Program will focus on postdoctoral associates within RLE who are interested in exploring the commercialization of research-based innovations. The fellows will be selected through a competitive process and will be provided with 20% of their salary (one-day-a-week commitment) for a year. This program has NO STRINGS attaches, and will provide venture mentoring, COI (Conflict of Interest) management and a host of other resources to support the fellows’ activities. Through this sponsorship, RLE aims to accelerate the pace of technology translation and transfer, and increase the impact of MIT/RLE research.

For more details on the Translational Fellows Program and the application process, RLE postdoctoral associates and Faculty are encouraged to attend the upcoming information session. We look forward to seeing you there!