L to R: Ron Hasseltine, David Foss, David Murphy, Maxine Samuels, Mary Markel Murphy, Cheryl Charles, Tina Gilman, Cathy Bourgeois, Mary Young, and RLE Director Yoel Fink

RLE is thrilled to announce that Mary Markel Murphy, RLE’s Assistant Director for Administration and Human Resources, has won a 2015 MIT Excellence Award in the category of Bringing out the Best. Mary was nominated by RLE headquarters staff and faculty. She was honored for her demonstrated commitment to excellence and commitment to the MIT community.

On March 11th, the MIT community gathered in Kresge Auditorium to honor the recipients of the 2015 Excellence Awards and Collier Medal. These awards are among the highest honors of MIT staff and acknowledge extraordinary efforts made in the spirit of fulfilling the goals, values, and mission of the Institute. In 2014, the Collier Medal was created to honor the memory of Officer Sean Collier.

The category of bringing out the best highlights everyday leadership throughout MIT. This award is specifically for individuals who:

  • Develop trust and credibility through open, respectful communication and demonstrating accountability.
  • Provide a sense of purpose, vision and mission for their co-workers and/or staff.
  • Positively influence others to build consensus in group, departmental or organizational settings.
  • Manage and/or champion change effectively through formal or informal leadership.
  • Help others develop by investing time and effort in coaching and/or mentoring.

The awards were presented by senior leaders of the Institute, including MIT President L. Rafael Reif, and the ceremony included a performance by the MIT Logarythms.

The RLE community sends its congratulations to Mary!

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