PostDoc Workshops Registration

RLE is pleased to offer several professional development workshops just for PostDocs. Please use the form below to register for one or all of the workshops.

Conflict Management
September 24 from 9:30–11am / 26–414 (Kolker Room)
Instructor: Toni Robinson, MIT Ombudsperson

This highly interactive workshop will help you improve your conflict management skills in the lab, workplace, etc. through facilitated discussion, short case scenarios and exercises.  Participants will come away with tools to identify issues, explore resources, evaluate responsible options, and determine which conflict management styles may be more appropriate when addressing challenging situations. Maximum Enrollment: 30

Negotiation Skills–Brief Introduction to Negotiation Theory
October 3 from 9:30–10:30am / 36–428 (Haus Room)
Instructor: Mary Rowe, MIT Ombudsperson, Adjunct Professor of Negotiation and Conflict Management, Sloan School of Management

In this workshop, we will discuss and use a standard, basic Negotiation Theory model that defines negotiating styles as: Competing, Collaborating, Compromising, Accommodating, and Avoiding.  Participants are required to fill out the Thomas Kilmann Questionnaire (TKQ) before the workshop. (It might take an hour or so. You will keep your results; they belong to you.) Your answers will suggest to you your strengths in each of the styles and those you might wish to explore further. (If you know your major strengths are in one of the five categories you may wish to learn more about developing the other styles.)  The TKQ and additional materials will be distributed after you register.  If you do not complete the TKQ before the workshop, the session will not be meaningful. Maximum Enrollment: 30

Relating Your Work to Their World
October 22 and 24 from 9:00–11:00am / 26–414 (Kolker Room)
Instructor: Dr. Tony L Eng, Senior Lecturer, MIT EECS
Maximum Enrollment: NONE

Part of being good at what you do is being able to explain what it is that you do. In this two-day hands-on workshop, we will look at some ideas that you can use to help an audience, especially one with a less technical background, understand what it is that you do.  Participants will use the context of an oral presentation, but most ideas are applicable to non-presentations as well.  To participate, you must submit a data slide (.ppt or .pptx) from a presentation that you have given (if you have no data slide, submit any technical slide from a talk you have given).  This is a two part workshop. It is expected that you will attend both sessions.  You must register by 10/8/13.  Please send your slide to no later than 10/18/13.