RLE administers extensive laboratory and office spaces in MIT buildings 26, 36, and 38 as well as other resources such as the RLE Conference Center, vehicle pool and other common facilities.

RLE operations and support services include:

  • Lab and office renovations
  • Minor repairs, carpentry, painting, and space refurbishments
  • Assembly and moving of furniture and general purpose equipment
  • Coordinating with MIT Facilities for electrical, plumbing, lighting, heating/cooling, and cleaning issues
  • Environmental Health and Safety ( EHS )
  • RLE vehicle pool
  • RLE Conference Room setups

Facilities Requests

All facilities-related service requests should be submitted through the Facilities ticketing system by sending an email to rle-facilities@mit.edu or via the online web form at https://www.rle.mit.edu/services/online-services/submit-a-facilities-request.  By doing so, you will help us respond faster and focus our resources on meeting your needs.

Keys and Card Access

To order keys or request card access for office or lab space, please fill out the Key Request Form, and have it signed by your RLE supervisor.  Once signed, please drop it off with Kim Nuynh in RLE Headquarters (36–413).  Please be aware that out of stock keys can take 3–5 business days to arrive.

Room Bookings

RLE offers 2 conference rooms, the Jonathan Allen Room (36–462) and the Hermann Anton Haus Room (36–428), that can be reserved for group events.  The rooms can be booked individually, or combined to cater to large events.  The rooms can be set up in two different styles when separate, and a third style when the rooms are combined. View the photo setups.

  • Boardroom — Features a long conference table, with seats surrounding.  Ideal for conference calls, group discussions, and weekly meetings.  Seats 14 people.
  • Theater — Rows of chairs that face the front of the conference room.  Ideal for presentations.  Seats 32 people.
  • Combined — Both the Allen and Haus room can be combined into a theater style setup.  Ideal for large conferences or seminars.  Seats 80 people.

For AV questions, please be sure to write to contact rle-it@mit.edu in advance.

Please be mindful that our facilities coordinators request an hour between events for set up.  Other than room set-up, the RLE conference center is a self-service facility.

View the Allen and Haus Calendar.

Machine Shop Access

RLE, in association with the CUA (Center for Ultracold Atoms) and the OQE (Optics and Quantum Electronics Group), helps provide access to 2 machine shops on campus.  To gain access to either of these shops, please follow the steps below.

OQE Shop

There are different protocols for students to gain lab access than there are for post-docs.

Students must first sign up and take the Edgerton shop training course, so that they can be certified to use the machinery.  Once that is completed they are to contact Donnie Keathley to arrange a meeting and be introduced to the shop and its components.  At that point Donnie will add the individual to the machine shop mailing list and request that their card be granted access to the shop.

Post-docs are not eligible to sign up for the Edgerton shop training course, so it is requested that they meet with Donnie Keathley to verify that they are able to operate the equipment properly.  At that point, Donnie will contact RLE to have that individual be granted card access.

OQE Shop Manager:
Donnie Keathley

CUA Shop

Access to the CUA machine shop is gained by filling out the CUA machine shop application (link below) and returning it to Junru Li.  Once it has been reviewed, and approved, Junru will send along approval to RLE, at which point the applicant’s card will be activated for the shop.

CUA Shop Manager:
Junru Li