RLE Conference Facility Setup Charges and Policy

As of July 1, 2018 a setup charge will be assessed for all events in the Haus/Allen rooms that require the rooms to be reconfigured from their default arrangement. This fee is waived for RLE Events. The setup cost for weekday events is $165 and the setup cost for weekend events is $300. This fee covers only basic room setups and additional fees may be necessary for unique events or where continuous onsite assistance is needed.

RLE does not run a conference or function facility. We provide room setup and arrangement on a best effort basis and cannot guarantee setup accommodations outside normal business hours. Such requests must be arranged in advance and are subject to staff availability.

For the purpose of assessing this charge, an RLE Event is defined as any event where the majority of the attendees are RLE members. Room reservations made through an RLE member for a non-RLE event are subject to the setup fee.

Note that this is a room setup fee not a room use fee. Non-RLE members may use either the Haus or Allen rooms in their default configuration and avoid the setup fee. Any situation where the Haus/Allen rooms are combined into one large room require payment of the setup fee.

Only RLE staff may reconfigure the rooms, move the tables and rearrange the space. Attempts to circumvent the fee by rearranging the space are not allowed.

If you have questions about this policy, please contact davefoss@mit.edu.