Our laboratory formulates, examines, and develops algorithmic solutions to a wide spectrum of problems of fundamental interest involving the manipulation of signals and information in diverse settings. Our work is strongly motivated by and connected with emerging applications and technologies.

In pursuing the design of efficient algorithm structures, the scope of research within the lab extends from the analysis of fundamental limits and development of architectural principles, through to implementation issues and experimental investigations. Of particular interest are the tradeoffs between performance, complexity, and robustness.

In our work, we draw on diverse mathematical tools—from the theory of information, computation, and complexity; statistical inference and learning, signal processing and systems; coding and communication; and networks and queuing—in addressing important new problems that frequently transcend traditional boundaries between disciplines.


Communication Under Strong Asynchronization
Novel Compression Techniques and Applications
Real-time Streaming with Low Delay
Codes for Secure Quantum Key Distribution
Rateless Codes and Underwater Applications
Sparse Antenna Arraysfor mm-Wave Imaging

The group is led by Professor Gregory W. Wornell

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