The Synthetic Biology Group examines ideas on how to engineer living systems to execute desired tasks. Among these are the use of biosystems to act as sensors, as factories for specialized molecules or weapons against detrimental molecules or organisms. Using top-notch bioengineering techniques, the Lu Lab aims to create solutions for human diseases (such as cancer or bacterial infections) as well as ways of remediating contaminated environments and creating real-time conveyors of biological state.


Engineer Phages to Infect and Destroy Pathogenic Bacteria
Design Phages for Bacterial Engineering
Cellular Engineering for Production of Biomaterials
Construction of Scalable Libraries for Antibiotic Discovery
Building Hybrid Analog-Digital Circuits with Biotechnological Applications
Cellular Engineering for Bioremediation
Development of Therapies as more Efficient Alternatives to Antibiotics

The group is led by Professor Timothy K. Lu

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