Thesis Title: Multimaterial Fiber Electronics
Speaker: Guillaume Lestoquoy

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 / 10:15am / Allen Room (36–462)

Thesis committee:
Pr. Yoel Fink (supervisor)
Pr. John Joannopoulos
Pr. Marc Baldo

As the number of materials that are thermally-drawable into fibers is rapidly expending, numerous new multimaterial fiber architectures can be envisioned and fabricated. The broad diversity of these materials’ nature and properties, combined with various post-fabrication treatments recently developed, enable the making of novel in-fiber, stand-alone-fiber and fiber-array devices. In this thesis, we demonstrate a wide variety of these novel multimaterial fiber electronic capabilities: distributed light sensing and modulation, chemical sensing and energy storage at the single-fiber level, conformal acoustic with flexible fiber-arrays and finally, in-fiber rectifying junctions. Taken as a whole, these new capabilities greatly expand the breadth of functionality of multimaterial fibers, paving the way towards highly multifunctional, wholly-integrated electronic fiber devices and fabrics that can collect, store and transduce energy in all of its forms.

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