Quantum Assisted Sensing, Simulation and Control

Student: Ashok Ajoy

Advisors: Paola Cappellaro


This thesis describes experimental and theoretical work making contributions with the aims of improving and advancing techniques of quantum metrology, simulation and control. Towards this goal, we engineer novel devices for quantum sensing, particularly the measurement of rotations, magnetic fields, and single spins towards the reconstruction of single-molecule structures. We also develop new methods that aid these tasks. For instance, we demonstrate how versatile quantum control of spin systems can be achieved via Hamiltonian engineering based on the creation of dynamical filters and/or the use of a quantum actuator, with novel implications in quantum simulation. We also enhance the available quantum control, sensing and simulation methods by the use of ancillary systems, for instance an electronic quantum actuator and a nuclear quantum memory. Finally, through a revisitation of old techniques in nuclear magnetic resonance, we develop novel insights and measurement protocols on single-spin quantum systems.

Monday, 22 Aug, 3pm in the Haus Room 36–428