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The Research Laboratory of Electronics is pleased to announce that Rita Patel and Erik Kloppenburg have joined the headquarters staff.

Rita Patel joined RLE as a fiscal officer on December 1st. She will be supporting a number of PI’s for pre-award, and a handful for post-award. Rita is coming to RLE from MIT ‘s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) where she spent four years advising PIs on all aspects of financial and research administration. Prior to joining MIT, Rita worked at Children’s Hospital as a research financial analyst, handling post-award administration for 430 grant funds valued at $114 million.

Erik Kloppenburg joined RLE as an administrative assistant on December 12th. Erik is a recent graduate of Carleton University in Canada. His course work was in communications and marketing. Erik is assuming the role currently held by Laura Dargus at the reception desk. Laura will transition to Microsystems Technologies Laboratories (MTL) at the end of this month for a position supporting Prof. Vladimir Bulovic, MTL Director.

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