Progress Report 142

1999 | No. 142


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Materials and Fabrication

1. Epitaxial Growth and Processing of Compound Semiconductors — L. Kolodziejski, G. Petrich
2. Nanostructures Technology, Research and Applications — H. Smith 

Quantum-Effect Devices

3. Physics of Single-Electron Transistors and Doped Mott Insulators — M. Kastner 
4. Single-Electron Capacitance Spectroscopy — R. Ashoori
Optics and Devices
5. Optics and Quantum Electronics — H. Haus, E. Ippen, J. Fujimoto (part 1, part 2), P. Hagelstein
6. Optical Propagation and Communication — J. Shapiro, N. Wong
7. Millimeter-wave, Terahertz, and Infrared Devices — Q. Hu 
8. Semiconductor Lasers: Device Physics and Applications — R. Ram 

Surfaces and Interfaces

9. Semiconductor Surface Studies — J. Joannopoulos 

Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

10. Atomic Physics — D. Kleppner (part 1, part 2), D. Pritchard (part 1, part 2), W. Ketterle, T. Greytak (part 1, part 2)
11. Quantum Optics and Photonics — S. Ezekiel, S. Shahriar
Plasma Physics
12. Plasma Electrodynamics and Applications — A. Bers, A. Ram
13. Physics of Thermonuclear Plasmas — B. Coppi, L. Sugiyama


14. Electromagnetic Wave Theory and Applications — J. Kong, K. Ding, R. Shin, Y. Yang

Remote Sensing and Estimation

15. Remote Sensing and Estimation — D. Staelin, P. Rosenkranz

Computer-Aided Design

16. Computational Prototyping Tools and Techniques — J. White
17. Focused Research Center for Gigascale Integration — D. Troxel, M. McIlrath

Digital Signal Processing

18. Digital Signal Processing Research Program -
A. Oppenheim, A. Baggeroer, A. Chandrakasan, G. Wornell 
19. Advanced Telecommunications and Signal Processing Program — J. Lim 

Microelectromechanical Systems

20. Computer Microvision for Microelectromechanical Systems — D. Freeman, D. Troxel 
21. Computer-Aided Design Tools for Microelectromechanical Systems — J. White, D. Troxel

Speech Communication

22. Speech Communication — K. Stevens, J. Perkell, S. Shattuck-Hufnagel 

Sensory Communication

23. Sensory Communication — L. Braida, N. Durlach, C. Basdogan, J. Greenberg, C. Reed, M. Srinivasan, T. Wiegand, P. Zurek, L. Delhorne
24. Vision Project — J. Wyatt, J. Rizzo 

Auditory Physiology

25. Signal Transmission in the Auditory System — D. Freeman, W. Peake, T. Weiss, B. Delgutte, J. Rosowski


26. Linguistics — N. Chomsky, M. Halle, S. Keyser, M. Kenstowicz, A. Marantz, C. Zoll

Project Staff and Subject Index

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