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Welcome to the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). RLE is committed to creating a stimulating and supportive environment for innovative research.  As MIT’s leading entrepreneurial interdisciplinary research organization, RLE provides: visionary leadership, vibrant intellectual communities, superior administrative services and strategically deploys resources to achieve excellence in research, education and impact. As a new RLE member, there are some on-boarding procedures to follow. Below is the detailed procedure of the RLE Sign-in process. Please fill-out the forms that apply to you and bring them to RLE Headquarters (36–413) on your first day. By having the RLE Sign-in procedure completed, you allow us to make your first day more efficient and productive.


Every new member of RLE needs to sign-in at the Headquarters Office at the start of their appointment.

Even if you do not have an appointment in RLE but are using our space to collaborate, you will need to sign-in and get the appropriate approval for door access. Below are the general descriptions of the On-Boarding Forms. Our general On-Boarding Forms are as follows:


  1. General sign-in form: personal information and details about appointment so that we can determine the appropriate procedures that are required to access RLE Office/Lab Spaces. Fillable PDF Here
  2. IPIA forms: All MIT Employees, Visiting Personnel and Students (professors, scholars, and research affiliates) who are involved in research at MIT are required to sign a Visiting Personnel and Students Invention and Proprietary Information Agreement.  There are 2 different versions: 
    • IPIA Form for MIT students and postdocs: need to be completed at the top and sign/dated at the bottom. Fillable PDF Here
    • IPIA Form for visitors/affiliates: requires a signature from their home employer/university. Please complete your portion of the form then scan a copy to send to their employer/home institution for completion. Fillable PDF Here 
  3. Key/Card Authorization Form: for card or key access to RLE offices/lab space in building 10, N10, 26, 36 & 38. Please follow the link here: Access Training Requirements 

Once these forms are completed, please see Amanda Keyes in RLE Headquarters located in 36–413.

  • Miscellaneous On-Boarding Forms For Reference Only:

Hourly Paid Student Instructions

Graduate Student Payroll

Payroll Info for Postdocs

Benefits and Services offered through MIT for Postdocs


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