Progress Report 144

2001 | No. 144


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1. Computational Prototyping Tools and Techniques—J.K. White HTML | PDF
2. Digital Signal Processing Research Program—A.V. Oppenheim, A.B. Baggeroer, G.W. Wornell, G. Aliberti HTML | PDF
3. Advanced Telecommunications and Signal Processing Program—J.S. Lim HTML | PDF
4. Remote Sensing and Estimation—D.H. Staelin, P.W. Rosenkranz HTML | PDF
5. Analog VLSI and Biological Systems Group—R. Sarpeshkar HTML | PDF
6. Vision Project—J.L. Wyatt HTML | PDF
7. Focused Research Center for Gigascale Integration—D. E. Troxel, C. V. Thompson HTML | PDF
8. Microelectromechanical Systems—D.E. Troxel, M.B. Mcllrath HTML | PDF
9. Computer Microvision for Microelectromechanical Systems—D. M. Freeman, B. K. Horn, M. B. McIlrath HTML | PDF


10. Ultracold Hydrogen—D. Kleppner, T.J. Greytak HTML | PDF
11. Atom Interferometry—D.E. Pritchard HTML | PDF
12. Precision Mass Spectrometry of Ions—D.E. Pritchard HTML | PDF
13. Cyber Tutor Project Description—D. E. Pritchard HTML | PDF
14. Cooling and Trapping Neutral Atoms—W. Ketterle, D.E. Pritchard HTML | PDF
15. Ab-Initio Calculations of Materials Properties—J.D. Joannopoulos, S. Fan HTML | PDF
16. Plasma Electrodynamics and Applications — A. Bers, A.K. Ram HTML | PDF
17. Electromagnetic Wave Theory and Applications — J.A Kong, Y. Zhang, R.T. Shin, Y.E. Yang, T. Grzegorczyk, F.L. Teixeira HTML | PDF


18. Quantum Information—S. Lloyd, L. Levitov, T. Orlando, J. H. Shapiro, N.C. Wong, S.M. Shahriar HTML | PDF
19. Optical and Quantum Communications—J. H. Shapiro, N. C. Wong HTML | PDF
20. Superconducting Circuits and Quantum Computation—T. P. Orlando HTML | PDF
21. Quantum Optics and Photonics—S. Ezekiel, S.M. Shahriar HTML | PDF


22. Epitaxial Growth and Processing of Compound Semiconductors—L. A. Kolodziejski, G. S. Petrich HTML | PDF
23. Nanstructures Technology, Research and Applications—H. I. Smith HTML | PDF
24. Optics and Quantum Electronics—J. G. Fujimoto, H. A. Haus, E. P. Ippen, F. X. Kärtner HTML | PDF
25. Physical Optics and Electronics—R. J. Ram HTML | PDF
26. Organic Materials in Optoelectronic Applications—V. Bulovic HTML | PDF
27. Laser Medicine and Medical Imaging Group—J. G. Fujimoto HTML | PDF
28. Millimeter-wave and Terahertz Devices—Q. Hu HTML | PDF
29. Second-Order Quantum Coupling Effects and Energy-related Problems—P. L. Hagelstein HTML | PDF


30. Speech Communication—K. N. Stevens, J. S. Perkell, S. Shattuck-Hufnagel PDF
31. Sensory Communication—L. D. Braida, A. J. Oxenham, C. M. Reed PDF
32. Laboratory for Human and Machine Haptics—S. J. Biggs, S. De, L. A. Delhorne, N. I. Durlach, C. M. Reed, W. L. Sachtler, D. W. Schloerb, M. A. Srinivasan PDF
33. Signal Transmission in the Auditory System—D. M. Freeman, W. T. Peake, T. F. Weiss, B. Delgutte PDF
34. Cochlear Implants—D. K. Eddington, J. Tierney, V. Noel, M. Whearty PDF

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