EEL Diversity Statement

EEL is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for people of all races, national origins, genders, sexual orientations, religions, disability status, and other personal and social backgrounds to engage in collaborative and transformative scientific research.

We strive to create a lab culture that does not just support diversity, but consciously cultivates it with the understanding that our research becomes more creative, rigorous, and impactful when people from diverse backgrounds and experiences work together.

All members of EEL should feel cherished for the unique contributions that their backgrounds bring to the group and welcomed in all lab research and activities. We pledge to actively stand up against any discriminatory behavior or language spotted within EEL or the MIT community.

We believe that active action towards diversity and inclusion is not only beneficial, but necessary in our search for truth. We strive to treat all individuals as equals, while acknowledging and actively working to erode the systematic injustices experienced by underrepresented groups in our institution, research field, and society. Through this work, we aim to provide equal opportunities to all and empower future leaders of all backgrounds in the scientific community.

This statement was a collaborative creation with input from EEL group members.