EEL Lectures

Princeton Andlinger Center Seminar, Towards Decarbonizing Fuels and Chemicals, by Prof. Yang Shao-Horn.

Stanford StorageX International Symposium Towards Controlling the Electrode/Electrolyte Reactivity in Rechargeable Li Batteries by Prof. Yang Shao-Horn.

MIT Climate Symposium: Economy-wide Deep Decarbonization – Beyond Electricity, Decarbonizing Transportation and Industry

MIT Fail! Inspiring Resilience: Anonymous by Curious by Prof. Yang Shao-Horn.

Energy Seminar at Stanford University Energy Storage: Current and Future by Prof. Yang Shao-Horn.

World Economic Forum Developing Novel Materials for Lightweight, Long-life Battery Technologies by Prof. Yang Shao-Horn.



Additional Presentations:

MARVEL Distinguished Lecture The Future of Electrochemistry by Prof. Yang Shao-Horn.

MIT TechTV Science and Technology for a Clean Energy Future by Prof. Yang Shao-Horn.