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The annual Progress Report of the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) presents major research accomplishments of RLE’s faculty, students, and staff. It is submitted to sponsors and distributed widely outside RLE in electronic media and print. Through their principal investigators, each RLE group, laboratory, or center submits a report on research projects that were active during the prior MIT academic year. These reports summarize research progress and results, and list personnel, sponsors, and publications.

The annual Progress Report ceased publication with the 2009–2010 issue no. 152

Last Issue: 2009–2010 | No. 152


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Director’s Message


1. Computational Prototyping—J.K. White, L. Daniel
2. Signal Transformation and Information Representation—V. K Goyal
3. Integrated Systems—V. Stojanovic
4. Signals, Information and Algorithms—G.W. Wornell
5. Communication and Network—V.W.S. Chan
6. Network Coding and Reliable Communications—M. Medard
7. Network Information Theory—L. Zheng
8. Digital Signal Processing—A.V. Oppenheim, A.B. Baggeroer, C.E. Rohrs
9. Remote Sensing and Estimation—D.H. Staelin, P.W. Rosenkranz, S.M. Hall
10. Advanced Telecommunications and Signal Processing—J. S. Lim


11. Soft Semiconductor Devices—M. Baldo
12. Power Electronics—D. Perreault
13. No Watt Left Behind—S. B. Leeb
14. Electromechanics & MEMS—J. H. Lang
15. Electric Machinery—J. Kirtley
16. Precision Mechatronics—D. Trumper
17. High-Voltage Systems and Dielectric Materials—M. Zahn
18. Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems—J. E. Schindall, J. Kassakian
19. High Voltage Insulation, Diagnostics and Energetic Electron and Photon Beam Interactions—C. Cooke


20. Magnetic Resonance Imaging—E. Adalsteinsson
21. Cellular BioMEMS—J. Voldman
22. Nano/Microfluidic BioMEMS Research—J. Han
23. High-Throughput Neurotechnology—M.F. Yanik
24. Computational  Biophysics—C. Stultz
25. Cochlear Mechanics—D.M. Freeman, A. Aranyosi
26. Biomedical Optical Imaging—J.G. Fujimoto
27. Analog VLSI and Biological Systems—R. Sarpeshkar
28. Computational Physiology and Clinical Inference—G. Verghese, T. Heldt
29. The Retinal Implant Project—J.L. Wyatt, Jr.
30. Biomedical Innovation—M. L. Gray, F. Mohamed
31. Neural Coding and Auditory Perception—B. Delgutte, D. Eddington
32. Hearing Aid Research—L.D. Braida
33. Tactile Communication of Speech—C.M. Reed, N.I. Durlach, L.D. Braida
34. Speech Communication–Speech Motor Control—J.S. Perkell


35. Nanostructures Technology, Research and Applications—H.I. Smith, K.K. Berggren, M.K. Mondol, E. Moon, M.L. Schattenburg
36. Nano-Materials and Electronic Devices—J. Kong


37. Organic and Nanostructured Electronics Laboratory—V. Bulovic
38. Integrated Photonic Devices and Materials—L.A. Kolodziejski, G.S. Petrich
39. Piezoelectric fibers for sensing and actuation at ultrasonic and audio frequencies—Y. Fink, J.D. Joannopoulos
40. Optics and Quantum Electronics—J.G. Fujimoto, E.P. Ippen, F.X. Kärtner
41. Terahertz and Infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers, and Real-time Imaging—Q. Hu
42. Nanostructures and Computation—S.G. Johnson
43. Ab-initio Calculations of Photonic Structures—J.D. Joannopoulos, M. Soljacic


44. Cooling and Trapping Neutral Atoms—W. Ketterle, D.E. Pritchard
45. Quantum Manipulation Using Light-Atom Interaction—V. Vuletic
46. Ultracold Quantum Gases—M. Zwierlein
47. Ultracold Atomic Collisions—D. Kleppner, T. J. Greytak
48. Fleischmann-Pons Effect Studies—P.L. Hagelstein
49. Research in Learning, Assessing, and Tutoring Effectively—D. Pritchard
50. Electromagnetic Wave Theory and Applications—D.H. Stealin, B.I. Wu


51. Algorithms and Architectures for Quantum Computers—I. Chuang
52. Quantum Information and Quantum Computation—S. Lloyd, L. Levitov, T. Orlando, J.H. Shapiro, N.C. Wong
53. Quantum Engineering—P. Cappellaro
54. Superconducting Circuits and Quantum Computation—T.P. Orlando
55. Optical and Quantum Communications—J.H. Shapiro, F.N.C. Wong


Personnel and Subject Index

Sponsors List