Yang Shao-Horn

Yang  Shao-Horn

JR East Professor of Engineering and Professor of Mechanical Eng, Mechanical Engineering (Department of)

77 Massachusetts Avenue
Room 3-334
Cambridge, MA 02139


Yang Shao-Horn is the JR East Professor of Engineering and Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Professor Shao-Horn and her group probe the underlying molecular-level mechanisms of catalytic and charge transfer reactions, and ion/electron transport and examine the impact of these mechanisms on performance in electrochemical energy devices, including in lithium-ion batteries, lithium-air batteries, PEM fuel cells and solid oxide fuel cells. Her recent research is centered on understanding the electronic structures of surfaces/interfaces, searching for descriptors of surface reactivity, catalytic activity and charge transfer processes, and applying a fundamental understanding to design surfaces for electrocatalysis and for electrochemical energy storage.


electrochemical and photoelectrochemical energy storage and conv, thin films, nanomaterials, lithium storage, electrocatalysis, oxygen reduction, water splitting, methanol oxidation, CO2 reduction.