Progress Report 147

2004–2005 | No. 147


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1. Computational Prototyping—J.K. White, L. Daniel, A. Megretski, J. Peraire, B. Tidor, Joel Voldman, J. Han, K. Willcox
2. 3‑D FPGA Design and CAD Flow—A.P. Chandrakasan, D.E. Troxel
3. Advanced Telecommunications and Signal Processing—J. S. Lim
4. Signal Transformation and Information Representation—V. K Goyal
5. Digital Signal Processing Research Program—A.V. Oppenheim, A.B. Baggeroer, C.E. Rohrs
6. Signals, Information, and Algorithms—G.W. Wornell
7. Integrated Systems—V. Stojanovic
8. Remote Sensing and Estimation—D.H. Staelin, P.W. Rosenkranz, J.W. Barrett, S.M. Hall
9. Analog VLSI and Biological Systems—R. Sarpeshkar
10. Magnetic Resonance Imaging—E. Adalsteinsson
11. Nanofluidic BioMEMS Research—J. Han
12. Cellular BioMEMS—J. Voldman
13. The Retinal Implant Project—J.L. Wyatt Jr.


14. Ultracold Hydrogen—D. Kleppner, T.J. Greytak
15. Cooling and Trapping Neutral Atoms—W. Ketterle, D.E. Pritchard
16. Quantum Manipulation of Ultracold Atoms—V. Vuletic
17. Ab-Initio Calculations of Materials Properties—J.D. Joannopoulos, M. Soljacic
18. Electromagnetic Wave Theory and Applications—J.A. Kong, T.M. Grzegorczyk, B.I. Wu, R.T. Shin, Y.E. Yang
19. Plasma Electrodynamics and Applications—A. Bers


20. Algorithms and Architectures for Quantum Computers—I. Chuang
21. Superconducting Circuits and Quantum Computation—T.P. Orlando
22. Optical and Quantum Communications—J.H. Shapiro, F.N.C. Wong, M. Fiorentino


23. Quantum Nanostructures and Nanofabrication—K. K. Berggren
24. Nanostructures Technology, Research and Applications—H.I. Smith, K.K. Berggren, M.K. Mondol, M.L. Schattenburg


25. Integrated Photonic Devices and Materials—L.A. Kolodziejski, G.S. Petrich
26. Optics and Quantum Electronics—J.G. Fujimoto, E.P. Ippen, F.X. Kärtner
27. Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers, Electronics, and Real-time Imaging—Q. Hu
28. Soft Semiconductor Devices—M. Baldo
29. Organic and Nanostructured Materials in Optoelectronic Applications: Physical Processes and Active Devices—V. Bulovic, I. Kymissis
30. Nanostructures and Computation—S.G. Johnson
31. Physical Optics and Electronics—R.J. Ram, X. Guo, D. Lueerssen
32. Integrated Multimaterial Fibres for Self-Monitored Optical Transport—Y. Fink, M. Bayindir, A.F. Abouraddy, J.D. Joannopoulos
33. Energy Production and Conversion—P.L. Hagelstein, D.M. Wu, P. Chen. K.P. Sinha, A. Meulenberg, R.S. DiMatteo
34. Laser Medicine and Biomedical Imaging—J.G. Fujimoto


35. Speech Communication—K.N. Stevens, J.S. Perkell, S. Shattuck-Hufnagel
36. Hearing Aid Research—L.D. Braida
37. Tactile Communication of Speech—C.M. Reed, N.I. Durlach
38. Auditory Perception and Cognition—A.J. Oxenham
39. Human and Machine Haptics—M.A. Srinivasan, S.J. Biggs, G. Liu, D.W. Schloerb, L. Zhou
40. Signal Transmission in the Auditory System—D.M. Freeman, W.T. Peake, T.F. Weiss, A.J. Aranyosi, B. Delgutte, D.K. Eddington, S. Hong, A. Siddiqui

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